Parents Vs Private Tutors for High School Students

Apr 07, 2021

The parents of high school students are often confused about whether to hire a private tutor for their children or teach them by themselves. This is a vital decision because quality learning depends on this. To understand whether to hire a private tutor or parents should teach them a quick comparison is needed. 


To teach the high school students, the private tutors, as well as the parents, need to be very much qualified. The reason behind this is the subjects of the high school students are not as simple as the lower classes. The concepts get complicated in the higher classes. Therefore, it needs to be checked whether the parents are capable of teaching these complicated chapters to their child or not. On the other hand, the private tutors are highly qualified people having in-depth knowledge of the subject. The high school students will learn the chapters from the scratch with these tutors. 

father teaching high school student

Teaching Experience

There is a possibility that the parents work as professional teachers. In that case, without any second thought, they can teach their children. Else, they should opt for a private tutor. The reasons are:
Knowing a subject and teaching that same subject is not the same. For example, parents of a high school student can be math graduates, and solving critical math problems is just nothing for them. But it doesn't mean that they can teach the same subject to their child. This is because of the lack of teaching techniques. 

The tutors, on the other hand, are either retired teachers or candidates with years of tutoring experience. They will be able to offer outstanding lessons to their students. 

Idea of the Exam Pattern and Syllabus

This is another major criteria to teach high school students. For example, a person with a higher degree in a subject and years of teaching experience who is not in touch with the syllabus and exam pattern anymore cannot teach the high school students. It needs to be mentioned that the syllabus and exam patterns of different classes and different boards are different. 

Until and unless the private tutors or parents are familiar with this, they will not be able to teach the high school students. We have a number of English tutor and others registered with us who keep their eyes on the updates of the boards. 

mother teaching daughter


In case, the parents are working, they may need to get a private online tutor for their child. The main reason is teaching high school students is a regular task. After an office job, it may not be possible for the parents to guide their children every day. Also, the students may need additional guidance before the exam. This may seem impossible to the parents. 

The private tutors have a specific schedule on which they offer the lessons to the learners. In addition to that, they are available over the calls too. To teach a high school student, time is important. Whoever is teaching them may sometimes need to spend more time than their schedules. So, flexibility is important here. 

Bonding with the Students

High school students go through some major physical changes. Therefore, the person who is teaching them must be sympathetic to them. In a class, the teachers cannot always give personal care to the students. Parents or private tutors have to fill this gap. Along with proper qualification and teaching experience, having a friendly relationship with the learner is important. This quality ensures that It ensures that the students can ask any questions without any reluctance.

friendly tutor with student

There are a few students who share a friendly relationship with their parents. In such cases, parents with proper qualifications and experience, parents can teach their children. There are a number of instances where the learners and parents do not share a friendly relationship. Instead, the parents are much strict. In this case, the parents need to look for private tutors. Parents have to understand that along with teaching the lessons, complete emotional support is needed for the high school students. This emotional support can be achieved from private tutors. 

Final Words 

So, before hiring a private tutor, the parents need to consider whether they are capable of teaching their child. Here. they need to remember that qualification and teaching experience are must to teach these high school students. Another factor to remember is that being strict as a parent is alright. But being strict as a teacher is not at all acceptable. In case the parents cannot offer a friendly ambiance to the students, they should not delay in getting a tutor for their child.


As soon as the children get promoted to high schools, the parents face a dilemma whether to get a tutor or teach them by themselves. Check how to figure out what to do. 


Rachita writes for the blogs for MyPrivateTutor Indonesia. She works as a senior content editor. From her post-graduation days, she is in content writing. Music is her all-time mate and in her free time, she takes online lessons on Spanish guitar. 

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