Best Divisibility Rules for Accurate Calculation

Math begins with 4 types of calculation: addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Among these, the division seems a bit tricky to many people. However, math experts have found some divisibility rules to make division easier for all. By using these rules, division can be done with more

May 14, 2021 Academics Maths

4 Amusing Science Lab Activities to Try at Home

During the learn from home time, kids are more or less enjoying the entire procedure.  But during learn from home, children are missing the classroom activities (the games and activities they perform with their friends) and the lab activities.  The classroom activities and gro

Apr 29, 2021 Academics Science

Best Apps for Kids to Learn Math Smartly

Online learning has become normal now and it is bliss for many students as they can learn in smart ways using online stuff. Let's talk about the math learning apps for kids here: Prodigy Math Game


Parents Vs Private Tutors for High School Students

The parents of high school students are often confused about whether to hire a private tutor for their children or teach them by themselves. This is a vital decision because quality learning depends on this. To understand whether to hire a private tutor or parents should teach them a quick compar

Apr 07, 2021 Academics

5 Smart Tricks To Improve Mental Math Ability

Mental math is all about solving easy to hard and tricky mathematical questions fast and without using any pen-paper. The entire calculation is to be done in someone’s head. Students are generally afraid of mental math and they are prone to spend more time in these. Before understanding the


Best Science Learning Apps for High School Students

Science is an interesting subject for high school and middle school students. This is because of the lively descriptions, unbelievable facts, and lab activities of science. Right now, the school teachers are offering the lessons online, but the charm of the classroom is nonetheless missing in the

Mar 09, 2021 Academics Science